Welcome to idenary

A breeze of fresh air, a colorful game and art project.

Idenary brings colors and fun to Idena - a peer to peer crypto based identity solution.

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Color the world!

Make the world a better place by participating in a collaborative venture.

Live game

Idenary is always evolving and morphing. Every epoch brings a fresh playground.

Forever Free

Idenary core service will remain forever free. All you need to participate is a free Idena identity.

Collect rewards

Sponsors are welcome to offer rewards for specific results. Collaborate and get paid!

A newgen collaborative art experience

Part Art, part Game, part Free expression: Idenary delivers an anonymous but regulated playground for everyone to interact and express themselve.
Built on Idena, the first "proof of humaness" blockchain.









Be Visible on Idenary!

We expect Idenary to be a regular stop by place.
Whether you want to help a fresh art project, be visible among certified human players or sponsor a full scene we have a package for you.

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Visitors, Players or sponsors: You are welcome to contact us with your testimonial


Art is both ephemeral and eternal. Although Idenary live painting is an always in motion display, we'll freeze it at given times as a record of its evolution.

About Idena

Idena is a novel way to formalize people on the blockchain. It does not collect or store personally identifiable information. Idena proves the humanness and uniqueness of its participants by running an AI-hard Turing test at the same time for everyone around the globe. The Idena blockchain is driven by proof-of-person consensus: Every node is linked to an anonymous but reliable cryptoidentity.
You need a free Idena address - no matter it's state - to play on Idenary. However the higher level you are, the more the fun!


Official Idena website


Official block explorer


More stats and insights into Idena network

Frequently Asked Questions

Idenary is just born, and is willing to bring some freshness and disruption. This section will be fed with your most itching concerns.

  • Website seems a bit crude, why are you launching in an early state?

    Idenary is a live project, that is born to evolve rather than be perfectly polished.
    The Idena hackathon was the sparkle that triggered it all. Although the state of the current website is not as good as what we'd like to show, we had to launch and release now to be in time for the hackathon deadline.
    This was an epic rush to assemble everything in due time, so we count it as a success anyway!.
    We have way more in store for you, this is just the beginning!

  • You need an Idena id to sign in. No personal information is required. No email, no login: just the idena app that will give you an address and access to the "sign in with Idena" feature.
    Please head over to the Official idena website and install the client.

  • Every idena identity class allows for different actions and quotas. If you did not pass an Idena validation session yet, you can look but not touch :)
    "Newbie" is the minimum state to interact.

  • Sure, we do accept donations
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Best way to get in touch is probably our Discord. You're welcome to use other channels as well: